Top 10 Best Kitchen Hob In India

If you are looking at Best Kitchen Hob In India, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we have made a list of Top 10 Kitchen Hobs In India 2019, which is the highest rating and selling in India.

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Best Built-In Gas Hobs in India

We will list the top 10 models of the Best Kitchen Hob In India for your reference based on quality and popularity. We will discuss all the features of these 10 models later in this post.

We highly recommend you read the Best Kitchen Hob Buying Guide at the end of the article to get a more in-depth knowledge of all the latest Best Kitchen Hob In India 2020

Bosch hob review in India

Model Number: (PNH6B6B10I) 

Bosch best kitchen hobs in india 2019 01

Features and benefits

Bosch is one of the best leading manufacturers of the best kitchen hob in India. This particular kitchen hob comes with two variations 4 Burner hob and 5 Burner hob according to your needs. If you need the best hobs for kitchen the, this is the right choice for you to check the price on Amazon.

The Bosch kitchen hob is a very attractive model in the market today because of Bosch use tempered glass-this glass is very durable & scratch-resistant properties, and you can easily clean your hob at any time. This is the best hob for the Indian kitchen.

Bosch kitchen Hob equipped the high-quality burners. It is ensuring that you cook delicious food for the whole family in one go.

The Bosch kitchen Hob quality is impressive because Each Burner comes with the single steel pan supports for safe handling, and the High- quality metallic knobs make it easy to use the gas hob.

The built-in energy input uses the optimum gas and saves a lot of precious fuel.

This kitchen hob is perfect to use for LPG, and Bosch gives high-quality LPG connecting cable. It ensures that there is no gas (LPG) leakage.

The most important flame failure safety feature makes the kitchen hob more safer, and this is the best kitchen appliance to have in your kitchen.

Bosch best 5 burner hob in India 2019

bosch hobs india 02

The 4-burner hob Comes with two Standard burners, one Economy, including 1 Wok(4.0 kW). And the 5-Burner hob comes with 1-Rapid Burner for fast cooking, 2-Standard burners, and 1-Economy, including 1 Wok(4.0 kW)


  • Tempered Glass is very Durable and scratch-resistant
  • The attractive black color gives your kitchen to look next level
  • This is the most elegantly designed kitchen hob on the list
  • Available in the two variations 4-burners and 5-burner but same hob
  • The tempered glass gas Kitchen hob easy to clean 
  • The best kitchen hob in India 
  • Steel pan supports for safe handling
  • Bosch Offers free installation
  • The best kitchen hobs in India 2019
  • It saves precious LPG gas
  • Metallic knobs control it helps easy to operating


  • There are no cons but little expensive.


Overall, this kitchen hob is the best in the market today and comes with all the features that you want in the kitchen hob. If you need this hob, then check the price at amazon because Amazon gives a lot of discounts on this hob.

Editor's Rating

5 out of 5

Model Number: (PGC6B5B80I)

Bosch best hob top gas stove in india 2018 02

Features and benefits

This is the second-best Bosch kitchen hob. It comes with two different variations 3-burners hob and 4-burners hod. If you have 4 to 5 family members, then this Bosch Gas hob more than enough for you.

This Kitchen hob Come with 3-burners and each burner beautifully placed on high-quality Stainless Steel frame and the Stainless Steel hobs is more attractive; it gives your kitchen look more beautiful and the best kitchen hob in india 2019.

Bosch gives the High-speed burners capable of maximum 3,000 W power, and it enhances hob look. This Bosch hob comes with a white Stainless Steel color. It provides the perfect contrast for your black granite kitchen countertops.

Another best aspect of this hob is a Flame failure safety device. It shut off the hob in case wind blowing into your kitchen. It protects your family from unwanted accidents.

Each burner comes with Ideal pan supports in case your kitchen utensils do not touch the burner.

The dimensions of this hob are 65.5 x 58 x 14.5 cm is ideal for all kitchen size and weight only 8 Kg it extremely lightweight. And premium quality Sword control knobs it easy to use and control LPG Fire Speed, and it is very durable.


  • The high-quality Stainless Steel Body
  • Come with three burners ideal for medium-sized families
  • A flame failure safety device prevents accidents
  • Attractive Sword control knobs
  • Free installation after delivering this hob 
  • Best hob for Indian cooking
  • Easy to use and clean in just seconds
  • Available on the best price
  • Pan supports for small and large utensils 


  • Stainless Steel is not a scratch-resistant, but it is run many years without and maintenance


If you are looking at the best and budget-friendly kitchen hob, then we highly recommend this Bosch hob because it not need maintenance for many years, but it requires daily cleaning.

Editor's Rating

4.8 out of 5

Elica Hob Review In India

Model Number (Classic MFC 4 Burner)

ELIca best hobtop in india 2019 03

Features and benefits

Elica is a very well-recognized brand for its kitchen chimneys and kitchen hobs. Elica hob competes with Bosch hob in almost every case; They made the best kitchen chimneys in India. This is Elica 4 Burner hob. It is the second-best built-in hobs in India and comes with many features.

This hob made from toughened Premium Glass it is very attractive and corrosion & scratch-resistant material. It is not only durable but also gives the long-lasting performance for many years without any maintenance.

The Elica kitchen hob comes with Multi-Flame Control Brass Burners. It is highly energy-efficient and helps to rapid cooking. Using this feature, you can multitask in a given time frame.

Round Grid cast iron pan supports it stabilizes the cookware & cook pots while you cook. The cast iron is the toughest material. It ensures the greatest cooking safety always.

Elica gas hob comes with Specifically designed Ring Brass multi-size Burners, the 2-Double Ring Burners, 1-Dual with 1-Mini Triple Ring Brass Burner. It helps to stabilize your small and large utensils and cookware.

The next most important feature is the premium quality metallic control knobs it made from superfine material and gives the friction-less rotation to control the LPG fire speed and the best hob for indian kitchen.

This hod is a very attractive and exceptional slim aesthetics design; it enhances your cooking experience.


  • Fully Stainless Steel body with Toughened Premium Glass Finish 
  • Multi-size Ring Brass Burners for various cooking needs
  • Made from Corrosion-resistant and scratch-resistant material
  • Attractive and premium Look and easy to use
  • Elica Offers free installation after delivering this hob 
  • Cast iron pan supports and the best built-in hob for Indian cooking
  • Metallic friction-less rotation control knobs with Multi-Flame Control 


  • There are no cons compared to other models.


If you want premium quality and best hob in India, then Elica Kitchen Hob is the best hob for you because it comes with excellent features at affordable prices. Check Now!

Editor's Rating

5 out of 5

Model Number (Flexi Brass Burner)

Elica best hob for indian cooking 04

Features and benefits

This is another Elica hob review, but he comes with 3 Brass Burner, if you have a small family then it is perfect for you, and this is the second most popular Elica kitchen hob. Don’t believe me? Read these user reviews and ratings here.

Elica gas hob is very attractive design model in the market today because of Elica perfectly place each burner on tempered glass, and it looks amazing.

Elica Brand Manufacturing the ultra-slim floating hob design and this Kitchen Hob not only ultra-slim floating design but also gives your kitchen look like an as luxurious kitchen and the best kitchen hob in India.

The Elica Flexi hob comes with the Heavy Brass Burners it is two different sizes first is a large size and the second is a small size it helps to variations type cooking and stabilizes the cookware & cook pots perfectly.

The next important aspect is safety. this hob comes with 100% cast iron pan supports it helps the stabilizing the large utensils and protect from accidents

The Dimensions this hob is 750 x 450 x 45mm and weighs only 14.6 Kg and requires kitchen space only 710 x 410mm it comes with free installation by Elica.

High-quality control knobs it easily rotated in 360 degrees with less friction, and you can easily control the gas flow.

This is a freestanding cooktop it ensures easy installation and sturdy grip and gives easy and hassle-free cooking experience. Elica Kitchen Hob does not need much maintenance.


  • Ultra Slim Floating Design
  • Freestanding hob stove in India
  • Black glass finish gives another complimentary feature
  • 100% cast iron pan support
  • This is best built in hobs for Indian cooking
  • Elica Heavy Brass Burners
  • Perfect for small size family 
  • 360-degree rotating High-quality control knobs


  • There are no cons


If you are looking Freestanding kitchen hob this model is perfect for you, it is attractive and lightweight, and it comes all the latest features.

Editor's Rating

4.7 out of 5

Model Number (1074 SQ)

Glen 1074 SQ best hob brands in india 05

Features and benefits

Glen is one of the popular brands in India and the manufacture the high-quality home and kitchen appliances. This is Glen 4 Burner Built-in Glass Hob comes with Double Brass Burners, and it is the best built-in hobs in India because of this hob thickness is only 8 mm and easily fit all Indian kitchens.

This glen Hob made from high quality toughened glass and thickness only 8 mm it is not only durable but also corrosion & scratch-resistant material.

If you have large-sized utensils and cookware, then this is best for you because Glen gives 2-double brass ring burners and 2-small ring burners it's easily stabilizes your large cookware and utensils.

This Hob is very safe because glen offers strong vitreous enamelled pan support it helps to prevent the unwanted kitchen accidents and safe your children.

The next most attractive feature is smart Backlit control knobs with a firm grip ensures smooth friction-less rotation and your kitchen look more beautiful and very attractive.

The dimensions of this glen hob are 700mm x 510mm and need kitchen space is 658 x 479mm.

The Brass Burner comes with Italian gas valves it gives the high energy efficient and rapid cooking, and this is the best cooking hob in India.

Glen offers 2-years comprehensive warranty with free servicing.


  • One of the 8mm thickest model in the market
  • The toughened glass with Matt steel drip tray 
  • 4-Forged Brass Burner with 2-different sizes
  • Italian gas valves for fast cooking
  • Best hob for Indian cooking
  • It supports LPG gas
  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to clean
  • Not requires mush maintenance
  • 2-years of comprehensive warranty


  • There are no cons


If you want the minimum thickness and budget-friendly best cooking hob in India, then Glen hob is the best choice for you because of Glen give maximum features at an affordable price.

Editor's Rating

4.6 out of 5

Model Number (CT HOB)

Sunflame CT top 10 kitchen hobs in india 06

Features and benefits

Sunflame is a presence in Indian kitchens for more than 3-decades and consistently tried to make homemakers the most advanced in technology and gives cooking a luxurious and enjoyable experience. This is the Sunflame 4 Burner Hob model, and it's perfect for large families.

Sunflame hob is higher efficiency because of Sunflame offers High-Efficiency Brass Burners it consumes less LPG and gives maximum heat Compared to aluminium alloy burners and TBB burners.

If you love more attractive hab, then it is more important to buy the Toughened Glass Cook Top because of Toughened Glass is not only heat & break-resistant but also scratch & stain proof and these are so easy to clean and maintain your Hob daily basis. The Toughened Glass kitchen hob gives a luxurious kitchen look.

Hob durability is more critical since Hob is daily useable kitchen appliances, so Sunflame gives High-quality non-magnetic matt finish is made from high-quality stainless steel.

Another best aspect of this Hob comes with High-Temperature Resistant Pan Supports. It has a long-lasting performance for many years without any maintenance because of its Special coating that does not allow peeling.

Stainless steel control knobs help friction-less 360-degree rotation and easy to control LPG flame speed, and it 100% ensures no LPG leakage.


  • Sunflame LPG gas hob is safe and straightforward to use
  • The 4 High-Efficiency Brass Burners
  • Unique Toughened Glass
  • Heat-resistant
  • It saves a lot of LPG gas
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Non-magnetic matt finish look more attractive 
  • Peeling proof coating 
  • Stainless steel drip trays
  • Long-lasting without much maintenance


  • There are no cons compared to other models.


This is a very attractive and sleek yet sturdy counter hob it is best for large and medium-sized families. .This is value for money hob if you like this Hob, then check the latest price. Now!

Editor's Rating

4.6 out of 5

Model Number (GL 1074)

Glen GL 1074 built in hobs india 07

Features and benefits

f you are living in a large family and you have various cooking needs, then make to buy the 4 Burner Hob it perfect for your cooking needs and helps to fast cooking. This is Glen GL 1074 4-Burners hob. It is the best hob for joint and large families.

This glen Hod Comes With high energy efficient four burners with maximum space in 2 burners, it helps to cook several foods at one time.

Heat resistant thick toughened glass it is very safe, and you can cook a long time without any problem because of toughened glass is specially coated and comes with 5-years comprehensive warranty.

Pan Supports also more essential, so Glen gives more durable enameled MS pan supports that easily Holds small-large and heavy cooking utensil and cookware.

Another best aspect of this hob is the Italian double ring 4-burners its high energy efficiency and consume less LPG gas and gives maximum heat. This is the best built-in hobs for Indian cooking because it is specially designed for Indian Kitchens.

The next attractive feature is Smart & elegant Metalic control knobs. It gives a professional look and extra firm grip for 360-degree rotation. These knobs are not only durable but also sturdy to use.

High precision Italian gas valves are new technology that well provides perfect flame control, and it ensures No gas leakages.


  • 8mm thick toughened glass
  • Mare Durable enameled MS pan supports
  • Italian double ring 4-burners 
  • Maximum space between 2 burners
  • Easy to clean 
  • Heat and scratch-resistant 
  • Fully waterproof
  • Smart metallic knobs for an extra firm grip 
  • Italian gas valves for No gas leakages and perfect flame control 
  • 5-years manufacturing warranty


  • There are no cons compared to other models


If you are living in a large family, then this Glen Hob is the best choice for you because it comes with 4-burners and new technology at the best price.

Editor's Rating

4.5 out of 5

Model Number (40557)

best 3 burner gas stove in india 2019 08

Features and benefits

Prestige has been a well-known brand of kitchen industry in India, and It manufactures amazing products like cookware kitchen utensils and much more. This is Prestige 3 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove comes with amazing features in the market its perfect choice for small and medium-size families.

This is the first convertible design on the list. The Prestige has specially designed for Indian cooking because of this hob. You can use it as a hob and gas stove; it depends on your choice.

Prestige has always introduced a new feature in the market. This Prestige kitchen hob comes with 3 Specially designed sabaf burners. It provides uniform heating and consumes less LPG gas. It is also best for cooking Indian dishes.

The premium quality cast iron pan supports gives extra durability and maximum stability for cookware and large pans.

Thanks to its advanced auto-ignition system, it ensures flame every time you rotate the knob, and spark technology helps to smooth functioning and hassle-free service.

This is another the best kitchen hob in India this hob comes with a dual-color and toughened Schott glass surface it looks very attractive and gives the luxurious kitchen feeling.

The Ultra-slim body easily fits all kitchen sizes, and dimensions of this hob are 724 mm width and 424 mm height. (77 x 46 x 14 cm)


  • Prestige is a valuable brand in the market
  • Cast iron pan support for better stability and handling
  • Advanced auto-ignition system 
  • The highly strong toughened Schott glass with the dual color tone
  • Functioning and trouble-free service
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean any time
  • Convertible design body
  • Best hob top gas stove in India


  • There are no cons compared to other models with price 


If you want the best convertible kitchen hob, then this Prestige 3 burner auto ignition gas stove is the best for you. It is perfect for small and medium sizes families and comes with the affordable price on Amazon.

Editor's Rating

4 out of 5

Model Number (ELITE HD 704 BRASS)

  • Check Price at Amazon 
Whirlpool best hobtop in india 2019 09

Features and benefits

Whirlpool is the most popular band in the kitchen industry, and they manufacture high-quality kitchen and home appliances. This is Whirlpool 4 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove Hob Come advanced technologies and is perfect for large and medium-sized families.

This Whirlpool hob comes with 4 High-Efficiency Multi-ring Intellicook Brass Burner with a multi-control flame. It gives uniform heating and uses the more limited LPG gas. It is the best hob for the Indian kitchen.

This hob is very beautiful in the market because of the high-quality black toughened glass that gives your kitchen look like a modern kitchen. The toughened glass not only attractive but also is very durable.

Another best aspect of this hob the heat resistant knobs it perfect for longer cooking durations without any problem. 

Whirlpool gives a 10-years comprehensive warranty on the toughened glass and 5-years warranty on brass burners.


  • Intellicook high energy efficiency 4-Brass Burner Hobs
  • Heat resistant flame control knobs with auto ignition
  • 10 Years warranty on the toughened glass 
  • 5 Years warranty on the Brass Burners
  • Best built-in hobs for Indian cooking
  • Whirlpool 6th sense technology
  • Easy to clean and use


  • Less space between the 2-burners


This Whirlpool hob Made from durable materials and packed with great features it is perfect hob for large and medium sizes families and comes with the best price.

Editor's Rating

4.1 out of 5

Model Number (BH1063ROIN)

Glen best hob in india 2019 10

Features and benefits

This is another Glen Hob review. It comes with 3-high energy-efficient Burners, and it perfect for small and medium-size families.

The Italian double ring burner gives perfect heat and consumes less gas.

The 8 mm thick toughened glass is not beautiful but also very durable.

smart Elegant control knobs give the frictionless rotation

The Italian gas valves give perfect flame control, and 100% ensure no gas leakages. 

More durable enamelled MS pan support provides more stability for your large kitchen utilities and cookware.


  • Italian double ring burner for Indian cooking 
  • Best hob for Indian kitchen
  • Smart and elegant control knobs 
  • Integrated Multi-spark auto-ignition Technology
  • The 8 mm scratch-resistant toughened glass 
  • Excellent investment for your modern kitchen
  • 100% No gas leakages
  • Strong and sturdy to use


  • There are no cons compared to other models with price


If you are looking at the 3-burner hob gas, then This Glen Hob is a perfect choice for you, and it comes with the very low price an Amazon.

Editor's Rating

4.3 out of 5

Best Hob in India Buying Guide

Important Features Of Kitchen Hob

1. Auto-Ignition

The auto-ignition feature makes it safe and much easier to use. Today all the Hob brands offer this feature and make sure to buy auto-ignition gas hod. We highly recommend to check this auto-ignition feature before buying any hob.

  • 2. Pan Support

  • Pan Support is the most important because it keeps you large pans and cookware and gives excellent stability and safety. Before considering any hob, make sure to check the pan support made from cast iron since it is very durable.

    Pan Support hob top gas stove india 11
  • 3. Brand value

  • Brand value is more important because brands give a comprehensive warranty and offer free services. Brand Hob is safer.

  • 4. Toughened Glass

  • If you love Glass Finish hob, then make sure to buy toughened Glass hob because it not only durable but also corrosion & scratch-resistant material, and the toughened Glass hob gives your kitchen look like an as modern kitchen.

    Bosch Tempered Glass Gas Hob Videos

    Best hob Brand in India

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Which is the best Hob in India?

    2. Which is the best gas hob to buy in India?

    3. Which is a better gas stove or Hob in India?

    4. Which gas stove brand is best?

    5. Which is the best glass top gas stove?

    6. Which is better 3-burner or 4-burners?

    7. Is Elica a good brand?

    8. Which gas stove is the best glass top or steel?

    9. Which is the best 3-burner gas stove in India?

    10. Which 4-burner gas stove is best?/ Which glass top stove is best?

    11. Is a cracked glass top stove dangerous?

    12. Do glass top stoves break easily?

    13. How do I remove scratches from the glass stovetop?

    14. How do I protect my glass top range?

    15. Does Cerama Bryte remove scratches?

    16. Is it OK to use cast iron on glass top stove?

    17. Can you put the hot pan on a glass top stove?

    18. Do glass top stoves cook slower?

    19. What are the best pans to use on a glass top stove?

    20. Can I use a red copper pan on a glass top stove?

    21. Is red copper pan safe for glass top stove?

    22. Can you use a copper chef on a glass top stove?

    23. What kind of pans can you not use on a glass top stove?

    24. What pots and pans are best for glass top stoves?

  • Final Word

  • If you plan to improve your kitchen from scratch or have recently moved to a brand-new home, then try the hob cooking experience or buy your favorite kitchen Hob by following the above-listed buyer's guideline. This top 10 best kitchen hob in India list we have made after comprehensive research and buyers reviews.

    The kitchen hob is more safer compared to a gas stove and comes with maximum features and gives your kitchen look like the modern kitchen. We highly recommend to buy the best kitchen hob for your won kitchen.

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